Language Programs for Young Learners

The Catterpillar Program (Age 3 to 5 years)
6 sessions / 12 sessions

Age appropriate books and activities to develop speech, vocabulary, expression and imagination. Prerequisite to reading and writing.

The Flying Fox Program (Age 6 to 9 years)
6 sessions / 12 sessions

Stories and poems teaching values and morals. Introducing multiculturalism. Appreciation of people, places and cultural.

Activities to enhance creative and thinking skills, self-expression using drama, art and craft. Group discussions for building confidence and mastering listening and speaking skills.

The Weaving Bird Program (skill based) (Age 10 to 13 years)
6 sessions / 12 sessions

Using stories and poems to introduce the various aspects of the English language like sounds, vocabulary and grammar and develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Intermediate and Advance English for Young Learners (Age 7 to 9 and Age 10 to 13 years)
6 sessions

This is a 6 month comprehensive English Language program for children designed according to the International standards of English Language testing systems

The module covers a wide range of current topics like drafting, editing, presentation skills, skimming and scanning for information, poetry appreciation, grammar, vocabulary and much more. Also includes outdoor visits and expert guest speaker interactions and documentaries.

Communicative English Program (Age 7 to 15 years)
6 sessions/ 12 sessions

Among all language skills, speaking is more difficult than reading, listening and writing. Speaking English or for that matter any language cannot be learnt easily unless the students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in it. It is important to learn English in English, to improve your speaking skill. Learning to speak English is quite challenging, and that is the reason why we have spoken English institutes mushrooming all over.

Our Communicative English program lays emphasis on learning to speak English fluently. There are elaborate lessons, which deals with improving spoken English skills and also helps your child build upon his/herself-confidence