Workshops For Children And Mother Toddler Program

Mother Toddler Program (Age 2 to 3 years)
24 sessions

This is a one of a kind mother-toddler program which is Reggio-inspired and nature based. Children in a Reggio based program begin to learn there are multiple ways to express ideas. The teacher provides experiences that provokes a child’s curiosity and learning. The child is seen as a protagonist; an active constructor of his/her own knowledge. Relationships are fundamental to the program and we value the growing partnership between the children, their families and teacher.

Workshops For Children

  • Creative enrichment and cognitive development workshops for children between 2 to 15 years

  • Reggio –inspired nature based workshop 2 to 8 years

  • Language enhancement workshops include creative writing, thinking skills, building the four skill foundation, vocabulary development, effective communication skills and public speaking.